Safety & Security Projects

Listed here are some of the projects I’ve managed in the category of Safety & Security Projects:

Year Project Project Detail
2010 Upgrade the Facility Proximity Lock system from IR data transfer to wireless data transfer
  • Problem: Inefficient lock updating system – needed it to become wireless.
  • Procured a newly invented wireless lock control system.
  • Negotiated cost and lock upgrade process.
  • Project Team: HR and IT Departments.
  • Cost: $50K.
2005 Install fire alarm system
  • Problem: Safety concerns in large hangar facility housing offices and crew quarters.
  • Wrote RFP, selected vendor, and worked with the vendor to install a monitored fire alarm system.
  • Project Team: Administration, IT, and Communications Center.
  • Cost: $80K.
2004 Facility Proximity Lock ID Badge Security System
  • Problem: Security problem of key retrieval when employees lost keys or quit, and having flexible facility access control.
  • Problem: Hard wired doors cost prohibitive.
  • Problem: New ID badges needed per airport requirements post 911.
  • Procured a battery powered, ID badge controlled, proximity locks and installed them.
  • Locks updated by IR data transfer every two weeks by supply room staff.
  • Project Team: IT, Administration, Communications, Logistics, and HR Departments.
  • Cost $80K.
2003 Flight Helmets and fire proof flight suites. Personal Protective Gear
  • Evaluated and selected flight helmets.
  • Selected flight suits and desiged uniform.
  • Coordinated crew training and write supporting SOPs.
  • Project Team: Air Crews and HR.
  • Cost: $140K.
2001 Dangerous Drug Control System
  • Designed a drug control system.
  • Instaled a double key safe bolted to a locked locker, which is mounted to the building; and accompanying records tracking system.
  • Project Team: Clinical Leaders, Risk Manager, and Pharmacy Board.
  • Cost: $5K.