Process Improvement Projects

Listed here are some of the projects I’ve managed in the category of Process Improvement Projects:

Year Project Project Detail
2006-2007 Standardization all medical equipment and tools across all modes of transport; FW, RW, Ambulance
  • Problem: Years of decentralization, 3 different helicopter aircraft, Fixed Wing aircraft and Ambulances had de-standardized the medical care tools across all bases creating a safety problem with staff working at multiple bases and modes.
  • Standardized all equipment, tools, and processes across all aircraft and modes.
  • Managed a major safety initative.
  • Project Team: Representative from each Transport Team, Logistics, Risk Management, and Medical Director.
  • Cost: $50K.
2006 Facility Backup Generators
  • Problem: Extended power outages resulted in base evacuations in cold weather, communication problems, operational hardships, and medication temperature control problems.
  • Installed BU Generators at 6 facilities.
  • Project Team: Fleet/Facility Maintenance, IT, Finance, and Risk Management.
  • Cost: $50K.
2005 Developed Vehicle and Generator Maintenance Management System.
  • Developed the system and records, developed the training programs, and implemented the system.
  • Started an Emergency Vehicle Operator Course to improve safety.
  • Project Team: Fleet Maintenance, IT, and Ambulance Crews.
  • Cost: $2K instructor training.