Information Technology Projects

Listed here are some of the projects I’ve managed in the category of Information Technology Projects:

Year Project Project Detail
2011 Communication Center Expansion Project
  • New contract to provide dispatching services for Community Ambulance, Medcare Ambulance, and Nationwide Children’s Transport.
  • Space previously negotiated.
  • Designed plans for 6 new workstations, RFP and contractor selection, equipment procurement, supervised construction project.
  • Brought facility to ADA compliance.
  • Project Team: IT, Communications, Finance, and Medcare.
  • Cost: $700K.
2010-2011 Change from paper medical patient charting to electronic medical records
  • Managed software, hardware, and hosting selection process.
  • Procured software and hardware.
  • Modified software for organizational requirements.
  • Trained 120 medical crews.
  • Trained hospitals.
  • Operationalized Electronic Medical Records System.
  • Project Team: Clinical staff, Risk Management, IT, and Medical Director.
  • Cost: $150K.
2009-2010 New Communications Center
  • Selected and negotiated location, led configuration and design.
  • Planned for future expansion.
  • Wrote RFP and selected contractor.
  • Procured equipment.
  • Managed construction project.
  • Trainined staff and operationalized new Communications Center.
  • Project Team: Communications Department, IT, and Finance.
  • Cost: Cost $750K.