Facility Renovations & Upgrades

Listed here are some of the projects I’ve managed in the category of Facility Renovations & Upgrades:

Year Project Project Detail
2013 Renovate empty office space to Base Nationwide Children’s Transport Team
  • 1200 square foot hangar office area remodeled to meet the specifications of the Nationwide Children’s Transport Team to base at MedFlight.
  • Reworked Medical Gasses Room.
  • Project Team: IT, Children’s Transport Team, NCH Hospital, MedFlight Facilities Maintenance.
  • Cost: $50K.
2009 Renovate space for new ladies bathroom facilities in hangar and install an exercise room
  • Wrote Statement of Work, selected Contractor, design-built and remodeled space.
  • Procured exercise Equipment.
  • Project Team: Facilities Maintenance, and Outside Contractor.
  • Cost: $25K.
2009 New MICU quarters in Columbus Hangar
  • Problem: Old and insufficient space.
  • Wrote Statement of Work, selected Contractor, design-built new quarters with contractor and crews, managed the construction project, procured new appliances.
  • Arranged temporary basing solution.
  • Project Team: Ambulance Crew, IT, and Administration.
  • Cost: $25K.
2009 Move Finance, Payroll, HR, Marketing, and Education Depts
  • Problem: Office space inadequate.
  • Negotiated new office space with MedFlight funding build-out.
  • Worked with departments being moved to design space.
  • Hired contractors to finish office space, and relocated departments.
  • Project Team: Finance, Admin, HR, Marketing, Education, and IT.
  • Cost: $35K.
2008 New Classroom Facility
  • Problem: Poor 80 person training room.
  • Resourced contractor, design-built with contractor better acoustics and training technology, managed procurement and construction.
  • Project Team: Admin and IT.
  • Cost: $65K.
2008 Renew Contract with Coshocton County Airport Authority
  • Problem: Lease contract covering land and hanger lease and fuel price expiring.
  • Problem: Hangar door old, dangerous, and energy inefficient.
  • Negotiated contract renewal, same terms.
  • MedFlight paid for new hangar door, written RFP, and contractor selection.
  • Project Team: Risk Management.
  • Cost: $40K.