Aviation & Aircraft

Listed here are some of the projects I’ve managed in the category of Avaiation & Aircraft:

Year Project Project Detail
2014 Fuel Farm at Main Base OSU Airport
  • Problem – Old jet fuel truck unreliable
  • Negotiated lease for new truck.
  • Relocated 3,000 gallon system from closed Lodi base to Don Scott Field OSU.
  • Established 2 fixed refuel stations and electronic monitoring for the fuel system.
  • Project Team: Aviation Air Carrier, Facility Maintenance, Fuel Vendor, IT, V.P. of Safety.
  • Cost $110K.
2010-2011 Part 135 Air Carrier Change
  • Lead multiple teams to change Air Carrier.
  • 10 year contract with Metro Aviation for 8 brand new aircraft and services.
  • Project configured new EC130 aircraft for medical transport and aligned operational and safety systems.
  • Changed carriers and systems one base at a time. Also involved shutting down operations with the old carriers.
  • Project Team: Administration, IT, HR, Air Crews, Finance, Employees throught the organization, and Metro Aviation.
  • Cost: 250 million dollar project over ten years.
2009-2010 RFP Air Carrier Change project for Promedica Health Systems in Toledo Ohio
  • Wrote and led in conjunction with Promedica transport team leadership RFP to select Air Carrier for a new contract.
  • Involved evaluation of 5 Air Carrier candidates.
  • Helped consult Promedica with selection process.
  • Project allowed MedFlight to select Air Carrier without the RFP process in the following year.
  • Project Team: MF Execs, IT, and Promedica Leadership.
  • Cost: PM Time and travel.
2003 Acquire King Air 200 aircraft
  • Problem: Service problems during maintenance downtime in Fixed Wing.
  • Problem: Need for longer range capability.
  • Problem: No money to purchase new aircraft.
  • Negotiated a lease agreement paying for aircraft with flight hours.
  • New King Air 200 modified with medical interior, including medical equipment procurement.
  • Crew training.
  • Project Team: Fixed Wing, Risk Management, and Finance Departments.
  • Cost: $60K.
2003 Upgrade dedicated backup aircraft N460H
  • Problem: Dedicated backup aircraft not standardized, creating perceived safety and patient care problems.
  • Negotiated major aircraft upgrades with Air Carrier contract amendment.
  • Project Team: Medical Crews, Air Carrier, IT and Finance.
  • Cost: $50/hr. flight time increase for this aircraft.
2002-2004 Aircraft Modernization
  • Problem: High aircraft maintenance down time problem caused by ageing fleet.
  • Replaced 3 oldest BK117 aircraft with new EC135 aircraft.
  • Upgraded the remaining 2 newer BK117 aircraft with improved avionics and structural work.
  • Led aircrew team to configure the medical interior and coordinated with Part 145 Completion Shop for the work.
  • Trained medical crews and deployed new aircraft.
  • Changed medical ventilators in aircraft.
  • Project Team: Helicopter Air Crews, Air Carriers, IT and Finance Departments.
  • Cost: 100 Million Dollars (5 year Air Carrier Extension), and $75K (Medical Ventilators).
2001 TH250 TAC/COM Control Head and Ericson radio system installation in fleet aircraft
  • Problem: Solve statewide radio communications problems.
  • Problem: Additional radios caused console space problems.
  • Procured American Electric Power 800 Mhz. radio systems which can communicate everywhere from the ground.
  • Procured TH250 simultaneous control multiple transceivers from single control. (Wolfsburg FM,VHF,UHF, and 800)
  • Provided room to add AEP Ericson 800 system.
  • Trained crews in the new high-tech systems.
  • Project Team: Air Carrier, Air Crews and IT.
  • Cost: $100K.
1999 Change MF1 Helicopter Operation from VFR to IFR program
  • Changed the MedFlight 1 base in Columbus from a VFR to IFR operation.
  • New Aircraft acquisition N117MK run by Air Carrier Omniflight.
  • Hired pilots and mechanics, and coordinated pilot training.
  • Trained medical crews and communications center to IFR Operations.
  • Changed tools, systems, and procedures in Pilot’s Office.
  • Educated community on the enhanced capabilities.
  • Project Team: Air Carriers, Medflight Administration, Communications Center, and Air Crews.
  • Cost: Increase in aircraft fixed and variable cost rate based on existing contract upgrades.