So…, Why use a PMI PMP? (Project Management Institute, Project Management Professional)

Over the year of 2002 I attended night school and passed the test to earn the “Certified Manager” course from the “Institute of Certified Professional Managers”. It is a wonderful, thorough, and challenging process. Unfortunately, no one I ever came in contact with had heard of it. The value, aside from the tools and knowledge I gained, in terms of career, was low.

In 2006 I took the PMP Certification Course, studied and applied for, and passed the test earning my PMP. Everyone I come in contact with knows what a PMP is. The PMI way is a standardized set of processes providing the industry at large, a common langue known quantity and focus tool, for creating in the most economic way. There are many other systems for project management that work. But only PMI has achieved the ANSI, “Approved American National Standards”. The ANSI approval makes PMI the 800 pound gorilla in the PM world. The ANSI approval provides organizations a widely recognized quality differentiation and competitive advantage.

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