Welcome to the Create Capability website. My name is Mark Collins and I am a Project Management Professional (PMP). I have a passion about managing projects, anywhere from the simple to the highly complex. I contract with large and small firms to guide them with the design, planning, budgeting, work breakdown and project implementation.

This website is designed to share my background, skills, portfolio and services with you to help you evaluate having me join your team and finally get those projects completed effortlessly, on-time and on-budget.

Please take a look at the blog posts I have written to gain some valuable insights into the world of a project manager, why it’s important for your business to drive your projects with a proven manager, and to learn how effective projects are conducted when managed effectively.

You can contact me to learn more and have a personal conversation about the ways I can help you run your projects.

Again, welcome to Create Capability.


Mark Collins